Supplement Security

The products produced by Ethical Alternative Products are produced in the United States in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production facility that is compliant with FDA Good manufacturing Practices.

Of equal or greater importance, the raw material alpha lipoic acid component of our ThioGel products is obtained from Antibioticos in Italy. Antibioticos pioneered the commercial development of alpha lipoic acid and supplied the material that was used in extensive laboratory, animal, and clinical studies. Even though the Antibioticos material costs more than three times the cost of Chinese sources, we believe that the proven safety and efficacy of the Antibioticos alpha lipoic acid outweighs any economic benefit from using Chinese-source material. We believe that emphasizing patient safety is particularly important in a situation where large quantities of the active ingredient are consumed over very long periods of time.

We urge caution in evaluating the source of alphalipoic acid from other supplement suppliers. Chinese-source material is usually supplied through wholesale distributors who will provide a certificate of analysis from the U.S.-based wholesale distributor, with no reference to where the product was originally manufactured. This practice is further evidence of the unfortunate aspect of the dietary supplement industry that “anybody can say anything”.

We have chosen to take the unusual step of demonstrating the manufacturing source of our raw material: Antibioticos Certificate of Analysis